How to Select the Perfect Math Tutor

We make hundreds of tiny calculations every day; in a lot of ways, our daily existence depends on how well we perform these micro-calculations. However, if you are not gifted in math, then trying to handle a classroom environment — or worse, a test– can cause anxiety that can inhibit your understanding of the subject. If that’s the case for you, it might be worth employing the services of a tutor. The following will help you find a tutor who can improve your “math tuition” (a combination of math and intuition) and bring that GPA to an A.

Proficiency in Math
While there are many tutors who excel at teaching a variety of topics, with math it is beneficial to use a tutor who is dedicated to the subject. In part, this is because math is an objective discipline with a number of rules and approaches to reaching a correct answer. Someone who is strong in the subject will be able to help you identify the correct approach. In addition, an individual who has dedicated their time to studying math is more likely to feel passionate about the subject, which will help you to learn better.
Excellence in Teaching
How information is conveyed is nearly as important as the subject matter itself. If you are struggling with math, it may be because the information has previously been conveyed in a way that is difficult for you to process. A skilled tutor can help identify where you may have gaps in understanding and customize their approach to helping you learn better. When you are choosing a tutor, ask for success stories and testimonials so that you can ensure that the tutor is a good match for you.
Make a Schedule
One advantage of one-on-one tutoring is the individual attention–something that is useless if you never are able to set a schedule. When interviewing a tutor, ask them about their scheduling practices and make sure that the two of you can find appropriate times to meet as needed.
Do Consider Cost
Let’s face it: math tuition is expensive. A tutor who does not charge adequately for their services might not be a good choice for helping you to learn, as they may be overworked or not have the skills mentioned above. To ensure that your math tuition is a well-placed investment, it is wise to be willing to pay appropriately for a good tutor.
Assess How You Feel
Even the best tutor is not going to be successful if working together does not feel like a positive experience. When you meet with the tutor, take a moment to ask yourself how it feels to work with them. If you don’t like the tutor, find another.
Select Someone Who Teaches The Way You Learn
Do you learn better through reading? Performing calculations? Online or in person? All of these are valid ways to approach a tutoring situation. During that first meeting, get a feel for how the tutor teaches, and whether that approach works for you.
Strong math skills can mean the difference between success and failure in many fields, and getting an A in a math class can be the first steps to success. The tips above spell the order of operations (PEMDAS,) which is one of the many useful skills you’ll learn in a match class. By using the above tips, you can improve your “math tuition” which will help you to lay the groundwork for a fulfilling and lucrative career.